Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Fall is already here

Hellooo my dear blog readers

I've been gone for a looong time, I think 10 years I've been gone, I know it's been a while but I cannot find a little bit time to post and to share something with you guys..

Yesterday My sisters took a few pictures of me and I wanted to share with you, my yesterday outfit of the day, It was little bit a cold time 'cause obviosly is fall already here and I loove this season 'cause I feel so romantice even if I don't have boyfriend it's so beautiful , the smell of air , the brown and yellow leaves and everything else...

I think you'll enjoy with my blog post, more are coming soon and more interesting topic .
For this outfit I loved to mix and match , layering is so fun for me especially fpr this time of season and so I decided to mix - layering !!

What I wore  :
- Neutral nude blouse 
- Neutral nude shirt
- Classic jeans 
- Blue fun scarf 
- Denim jasket 
- Black & white snikers 
 Everything is from Thrift store .

Have a great weekend , I wish you all the best 

I love ya 
Thank you for your visit ^_^

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fashion show Michael Kors fall 2014

Helloo everyonee

I know I didn't post couple weeks nothing 'cause I was so busy that I didn't have time to look something on internet or to follow some new thing that are coming and that are in trend right now.

But I've started to follow trends of fashion and again I returned the time when every morning I woke up make some breakfast and then drink a coffee with milk and obviously sit of front the computer and look or hunt fashion fashion trendss like a hungryy cat haha LOL xD

I found on tv Fashion channel fashion show ready to wear fall 2014 from Michael Kors and I loved so much the fashion show, is so chic at the same time and to much casual, with classy nude tone and pop of red color .... Amazing and shic ^_^

I hope you'll enjoy with my pictures down below , pictures I found on the web 

Pls Enjoy ... ! 

I wish you lot of good time and rest yourself .....

New day new start new luck !!!!

Leave any comment, request ......

Good luck !

Monday, July 14, 2014

OOTD: Tropical

Hey guys/ girls

How are you?? What are you doing???
I found free time to post one look that I didn't had chance to post this outfit couple days ago, but It remind me to post since is so hot those few days , and so now you'll see my OOTD .....

What I wore : 
Classy white shirt from Thrift store
Red handbag from Thrift store
Red flats from Gary shop 
Funny printed maxi skirt from Thrift shop

I hope you had great weekend so far

I wish you to have wonderful week


Lots of kisses and hugs for all of you around the globe
^_^ xoxo 

Friday, July 11, 2014

OOTD: Just enjoy in the nature

Helloo my dear lovely blog readers

Every single day is passing, every day is different story that we need to write in our past and to keep as memory, we need to make every single day good to try to smile everyday and to put away the negative energy and to say welcome positive energy ..... 

I'm so sorry that I didn't post anything this past few days, I was so busy I had lot of work ....
So I decided ,actually I found free time today this afternoon to post what I wore 2 days ago ( it was so warmy day) so ... I hope you'll enjoy with my blogpost.

What I wore : 

- Classic white shirt from thrift store
- Classic turquoise pants from gary shop
- Neutral nude flats from Thrift shop
- Neutral nude hand bag from Thrift shop

I usually when I shop something, I shop from thrift store 'cause you can save much more money if you shop in some boutique from some big brends ......

I hope you had a great time , I wish you lot of luck, 
I wish you to have great and relaksing weekend....

And keep smiling/ laughing and be positive ^_^

Thursday, June 12, 2014

OOTD : When your ready come and get it

Good Afternoon my dear lovely blog readers

For my today's post ( actually I should post it yesterday but I didn't had to much time, anyway) I wanted to play little bit with the name of outfit of the days so I reminded to Selena Gomez song When you're ready come and get it na na na ...... I just want to play ^_^

For my outfit I wore blaizer 'cuz I felt little bit chilly at morning, and I mix it with neutrale nude color...

What I wore: 
- Turquoise blaizer from EuroAsia Bershka
- Nude shirt from Thrift shop
- Nude pants from Thrift shop
- Turquoise flats moccasin from gary shop
- Turquoise hand bag from gary shop

I hope you enjoyed with my today's blog post

More are coming soon

Have a great day/night

Thank you for visiting my blog, Love you all

Sunday, June 8, 2014

OOTD : I believe in pink

Hellooo my lovely blog readers 

Today is beautiful sunny day you only wish to relax with some coctail no alcoohol in your hand and to lay at some sunny exotic beach and just sleep all day.... But is only dream ^_^

Yesterday I went with my sister for a walk at the park and I really enjoyed, It was little bit hot but I  felt amazing... 
And I wanted to share outfit of yesterday what I wore, I hope you'll liked....

What I wore:
- Shirt pink from Thrift store
- Regular Jeans from Thrift store
- Pink bag from Gary shop
- Grey flats from Gary shop

I wish you great weekend so far ...

Goodbye see you soon 

Thank you so much for your visit  

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Quick & Easy Tigar Cake

Hellooo my dear lovely readers

Today is beautiful sunny warm day and I wanted to share with you my new recipe that I try it from Lorraine Pascale she is from London, First I've discovered her with her tv shows in 24 Kitchen " Fast Fresh and Easy " and I loved so much her tv shows.... I actually felt in love with tv shows  , and I wanted to try her recipe witch I really liked it was Zebra cake , Crouching Tiger.... 
I spent 1 year thinking should I try this recipe or not, but I don't regret nothing 'cause I'm so happy that I made this Tigar cake and the Final result the taste was amazing....

I hope you'll enjoy down below .

The ingredients: 
- 4 medium eggs
- 250 gr. sugar
- 1 vanilla sugar or vanilla extract
- 2 gr baking powder
- 250 ml oil ( sunflower oil)
- 100 ml milk ( semi - skimmed milk)
- 300 gr self - raising flour
- 25 gr cocoa powder.

First step: You take one large bowl put inside eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and baking powder and mix everything well. Then you put the oil, milk and flour and everything mix well , no bubbles... 

Second step : You take another second large bowl and separate the mixed paste to have in two bowl the same mixture to be equal in two bowl, like in the pictures down below. 

Third step: You take in the first separated large bowl you put 25 gr cocoa powder and you mix that everything.

And then you'll have in First bowl white paste, in Second bowl brown  paste. See the next two pictures down below...
Brown paste 

White paste
Then you take 23 cm sandwich tin, grease the bottom of the sandwich tin with little bit oil than top of it put little bit flour.

Now you take a tablespoon from white paste and put in the middle of tin, then using another tablespoon take and put a blob of the chocolate paste and keep doing this alternating between vanilla and chocolate so you form a type of "Targed board" look. ----> See the picture down below how should look " targed board" ....

Then perheat the oven to 180 Celzius degrees or 350 F ... 

Put the sandwich tin in the oven and bake 40 min, then you should check with toothpick if it's baked.

And the Final result it's a real tigar delicious cake ....

I hope my today's blog post was interesting, I love to cook & bake so everything what I try to cook & bake I want to share with you guys, and I would keep sharing my interesting recipes...

I wish you all the best, great weekend ...

I love you all 

Thank you for visiting my blog ....